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Look, a post!

I will be in Las Vegas from tonight until Tuesday evening, attending TribeFest 2012. (It's a conference for young Jewish community leaders.)

I will be staying at the Venetian.

1 - Any recommendations for places to go/things to see that are walking distance and don't take a lot of time? It doesn't look like I'll have a lot of free time...

2 - Any of you local to the area and want to meet for coffee or some such?

3 - Requests for souvenirs and/or photos?

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You're probably already home since I am so behind, but I hope you had a great time! I personally liked the MGM Secret Gardens if you happen to still be there and the Pirate ship show at Treasure Island.
I managed to catch the pirate show... While the whole setting was awesome, I was a little taken aback at the nearly naked gyrating sex pirate theme... Which no one else has ever told me about, so I am wondering if the last show of the evening is a bit different in plot than their regular show...
Hmmm, did not see that version of the pirate show. Then again, I think I saw it earlier in the day so that might be the nighttime adult show.
Since you are the fourth person to tell me that the pirate show was completely family-friendly when they saw it (at an earlier hour), I am concluding that the late-night shows are a slightly different script.