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Holy Clothing Wholesale Order


For the first time ever, it looks like the Holy Clothing website has every last item I want to buy in stock, in my size, and in the color I want... Which, let me tell you is a small miracle... I have been waiting to get an order over $99 to be able to save the shipping costs, and I now realize that if I get every last item I want, it would be more like a $200 order... And there's a top I might order as a gift for a friend... And I have been toying with the idea of buying a few random pieces and seeing if reselling them works as an addition to our product line...

A wholesale order is a minimum of $400. Given what I am thinking of ordering, I probably only need another $100 worth of items to make that cutoff... Would anyone else on here want to go in on a bulk order? I would pass on the savings, of course... About 35% off each item... And I don't think there would be shipping (though that's something to look into, I've gotten peeved with them in the past for only allowing you to take a % off OR free shipping, but not both, but you would think that the wholesale deal would count towards free shipping?)... Local folks, obviously a pick up/drop off would be arranged... I'm willing to work out shipping to folks not in the area.

Anyone interested?

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Hmm. I might be. By when?
actualy i might.. i was just looking at their site