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Pottermore and stuff

Argh, I had a whole list of things I wanted to post about, and can't remember a single blasted thing from that list...

In other news, for the Harry Potter fans on my fiends list, a new way to waste spend time on the Internet. Pottermore is now open to the general public.

Explore the books (book 1 is the only one open at this time) online in a multimedia immersive environment, somewhere in between first-person player and third-person observer... You become a Hogwarts student alongside Harry, get your own wand, get sorted into a house, and your explorations and activities earn you house points. You explore highlights of each chapter of the books, and learn new information that JK Rowling didn't get to include in the published series.

If you join, I am "ChestnutRiver10" and blkstarsapphire is "RookCentaur204".

And hopefully I will remember the other stuff I wanted to talk about...

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