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I have a new pet...

I was out on the playground Thursday with my students, and we found this teeny tiny frog... He was so small, we almost stepped on him. And he was totally in the wrong place for a frog... Frogs shouldn't be hanging out on playground equipment...

So, I caught him, and brought him inside... Put him in a little cup, and we kept him around for the rest of the day. (He managed to enhance our Hebrew lesson, since our letter of the week is a Tzadee, and Tzfardea, the Hebrew word for frog, starts with Tzadee.)

I had vowed at the end of the day to bring him over to the neighboring park and set him free...

But then I got to my car, and instead put him in the cup holder and drove home...

He's so very very tiny, I fear for his safety. He's no bigger than my thumbnail. I felt like it was leaving him to die, if I set him down in the middle of a park with no other frogs.

According to my friend the ecology teacher, he is an Eastern American Toad. And by his size compared to the size of the photos of adult frogs on the web, he is still a froglet.

I have cared for frogs before, but usually they are quite larger, and able to eat crickets. This frog is the same damned size as the crickets I'd buy to feed him.

I have at least figured out that he will eat ants that I drop into his cup. So, a few ants a day, and keep putting in a small layer of water to keep him hydrated...

I need to get him a better home than his cup (complete with a kippah for a lid, because it was what was available to keep him from climbing out that would also not be air tight)...

I feel like such a kid... Mommy, can I keep him?

I hope that by the time he is an adult-sized frog, I will have finished my backyard pond, and I can set him free in the garden to live...

My students named him Peter Pan.

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